​Our Wine Philosophy

1. We believe in terroir; the right varietal, in the right soil, in the right climate.
Get these three right … and you can make exceptional wines!

2. We believe in value; you don’t have to spend $50+ for a great bottle of wine.
That is why you will always find great wines at $12, $15, and $20 at FortyEight!

3. We believe that exceptional wines are produced all over the world;

not just in Bordeaux or California.
Here you will find wine from Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, Austria, and more!

4. We believe that new world wines are exceptional; 

as good as, if not better, than old world wines.
California, Washington, and Oregon – Australia and Argentina as well.

5. We love all varietals; not just Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet.
We love Petite Syrah, Grenache, Tempranillo – and many more lesser known grapes.

6. We believe that everyone can and should have a wonderful wine experience.
You don’t have to know a lot about wines – just as long as you know what you like!

7. We believe that wine should be accompanied by food; 

a great wedge of cheese or some charcuterie.
Wine and food were meant to go together – pair some food with your wine!

8. We believe that wine should be served at the proper temperature;

45*-50* for whites and 55*-60* for reds.
Our WineStations do that for us here at FortyEight.

9. We also love beer, bourbon, scotch, and vodka; 

not everyone has to drink wine all the time.
That is why we feature 48 local craft beers here – and also a great spirits list!

10. We believe wine should be fun; and should be enjoyed with friends, old and new.
Wine is always better with friends!

In the Center of Freshfields Village 

... at the Crossroads of Kiawah and Seabrook Islands!

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