June 7, 2016: Beginning Anew with Wine For Friends on Kiawah

A great question was posed this week and it got the group here at FortyEight - A Wine Bar thinking: If we started anew with wines we would always have on hand for friends, what would we choose? 

We all have our go-to wines that we buy over and over, don't we? A truly incredible wine saved for very special dinners with friends, a champagne we always open for celebrations, an inexpensive but delicious red and white wine we keep in the house by the case to pour affordably in bulk for parties, perhaps. And then the wine cellar precious bottles: Old Bordeaux, Insignia, Caymus, great Burgundies, selections made during a trip you cherished, maybe. We all have wine habits. But what if we broke out of the mold?

Better yet, what if we asked a respected sommelier to break out of his wine habits and begin anew with selecting interesting wines for friends on Kiawah to share on any occasion? We did, and Matt, FortyEight's sommelier and General Manager pulled six selections. Assembled together, the wine grouping alone makes for a great conversation starter. Out came wines from South Africa, Italy, Oregon, and so on - from wineries that may not leap immediately to mind but produce extraordinary wines. Off the beaten wine path, unapologetically. 

Matt's list, selected from FortyEight's current wine store offerings, did not break the bank either, totaling just $222.00 for all six - a great price for a sampling half case of wine. And that is before FortyEight's 10% resident discount. Here they are from white to heavy:

Fox Glove, Chardonnay, 2013, Central Coast California, 19.98 per bottle

A best-value wine in California Chardonnay choices, Fox Glove Chardonnay has enjoyed consistently high ratings from reviewers and consumers alike. It is a buy-by-the-case choice for company: Steel-raised to elegance, Fox Glove is heady with peach and apple blossom, rolling a gentle bit of medium spice out afterwards. An outstanding value. 

Terradora DiPaolo, Coda di Volpe, 2014, Campania, Italy, $18.98 per bottle

Coda di Volpe is a native grape varietal of Southern Italy. As you might expect of a great summer wine from the hot South of Italy, it is crisp, clean, full of lemon and quince and would appeal to a Sauvignon Blanc drinker looking for an adventure in a bottle. Minerality abounds, along with zippy acidity, notes of ginger and subtle orange fruit towards the end. Another great value for summer. 

Elk Cove, Pinot Noir Rose, 2014, Oregon, 19.98 per bottle

A bright, happy example of Pinot Noir of Rose produced in Oregon, this Elk Cove is twinkling apricot in color. It has perfume of strawberry, rose, and watermelon, and a creamy texture on the palate with flavors of strawberry rhubarb pie and a nip of sour cherries. It finishes with a hint of orange zest and delicate accents of spice. Perfect as an aperitif or with light and cold fare in the heat. 

Big Table Farm, Pinot Noir, 2014, Oregon, $54.98 per bottle

Big Table Farm is a small craft winery which has met with much acclaim as of late and this Pinot Noir will be no exception to outstanding reviews. It has a voluptuous, berry-ripe, rosy nose, and is sleek and firm across the palate, leaving a bit of oakiness behind. This is an extraordinary example of Oregon Pinot Noir craft. 

Pessimist, Syrah blend, Paso Robles, California, $34.98 per bottle

​Pessimist is a consistently affordable highly-rated blend of Syrah, Zinfandel, Tannat, and Petit Verdot. Tons of ripe blackberry, vanilla, and chocolate show off a firmly textured, fruit-loaded palate. This texture and depth is rarely found in wines twice the cost. Pessimist is another case-buy recommendation for drinking wine with friends.

De Toren, Fusion V, 2013, Stellenbosch, South Africa, $72.98 per bottle

Napa cab drinkers with an adventurous streak, take note: This is a blend

of Old World varietals treated to produce all the hedonism and reckless abandon of great Napa Cabs. But, with the un-mistakeable mark of Stellenbosch terroir. Beautifully round, with the acidity held in check, it is a big, lusty example of wine-making fearlessness. Jump into the abyss and start anew. 


July 26, 2016: A Few Great Summer Wines Under $20 a Bottle at FortyEight

Matt's selection of wines in the wine store at FortyEight - A Wine Bar made it clear he's ever-ready for the question: I'm shopping for wine on Kiawah and it is hot! What are a few great summer wines available now from your wine store that will be great in 100 degree weather?

FortyEight's wine store yielded some delicious wines with lightness and pedigree for the highest heat of summer which every wine preference will appreciate. This is the time of year to share on Kiawah; Share great wines with friends visiting and dropping in for a glass. And choose great wines to keep on hand to pour at a moment's notice as household favorites (at excellent price points - but that will our little secret).

We're pleased to share a list you can purchase at FortyEight - A Wine Bar for under $100 in total:

Dibon Cava NV, Spain, $12.98 per bottle

A lively sparkling wine from Spain at a perfect party price point for both the bottle and case. Start with some beautiful cheeses (Manchengo, aged Parmesan) and fruit allowed to rise to room temperature (not outdoor temperature - ohh no, no) and this perfect cold Cava. Its light apple, pear, and apricot notes are great partners to both aged cheeses with a little edge and grilled fish and Asian dishes. Let your palate sparkle and your wallet take a breather! 

Neil Ellis Sincerely Sauvignon Blanc 2013, South Africa, $15.98 per bottle

​This South African white wine is 100% Sauvignon Blanc and has the power to stand up to spicy foods, grilled meats, and strong cheeses. Like a rocket flare across the palate, this Sauvignon Blanc beams with peaches, pears, and tropical fruits. A round, supple summer powerhouse, ready for a char or a curry. 

Sokol Blosser Evolution White NV, Oregon, 18.98 per bottle​

An exciting non vintage white wine blend of nine varietals balanced in perfect harmony, Evolution is one of the esteemed white wine creations of the iconic Sokol Blosser winery in Oregon. Stone and tropical fruits abound, loading the palate with flavors of peaches, cream and lemon. It’s thoroughly delicious without oakiness. A great wine for every type of white wine drinker and consequently perfect for a party!

Badenhost Secetarus Rosé 2015, South Africa, 17.98 per bottle

Thr price point of this wine is deceiving, but this Rosé is one of South Africa's finest. Crafted from a blend of Cinsault and Shiraz, with balancing touches of Grenache and Carignan, it displays Old World structure with new world punchiness. This wine's nose has off-the-charts strawberry and vanilla complexity. On the palate, this Rosé gives a nod to its French ancestry: Restraint, length, more complexity. An unrivaled bargain and a great place to begin your journey with South African Rosé wines!

​All of these remarkable wine selections are currently available in the wine store at FortyEight - A Wine Bar in Freshfields Village, Kiawah Island, SC. We are located next to the Harris Teeter grocery store. FortyEight's wine store is an easy drop-in when you are shopping or running errands during your stay on Kiawah or Seabrook. More than 1000 other wines are also available and there is always a FortyEight wine professional on hand to help with selections. 



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